Monday, July 20, 2009

Just another Manic ( Job Search-a-thon) Monday.

Today I embarked on a journey to market myself for every employer to see. To my astonishment...time really flies when you're busy boasting about why an organization should hire you. At one point, before ML, I had a problem writing resumes and such. I hated looking like one proud peacock all perched up with plumage that said "Look at want meeeee!" Well....I still hate doing that...however, I've become quite good at it too.

Resume writing, references, cover's all really an art form. You poetically schmooze your way into corporate America's heart with words like "Motivated....Team Player...Hard working". It's a have to balance good, outstanding and solid attributes then play it up with "pretty" words.

Sometimes I wish it were still a more simple time. Where newspapers advertise job openings and you go to the location to hand in a resume or fill out an application. Face to face time is what more employers should need and want! Everything now is so mechanic... in the age of .com there are so many scams in submitting your resume. You don't know which sites are legit....or postings on a site. Don't get me wrong...I look like one heck of an employee on my resume. However, I just feel as though it would be to every one's best interest to see the face behind the writing.

Well, at the end of the day I finished profiles on two more major job sites and applied to so many positions it's too much to even keep track of. Just like everyone else who's job searching. Oh the age of isolation....the Internet could be one of the greatest triumphs in technology and yet man's biggest downfall. It keeps everyone more connected, in fact, in this case TOO many people connected.